Midnight Wizards

Welcome to Midnight Wizards!

 We're a very small clan, but we are going to slowly grow over time.

The leader is Danielle (Promethean life wizard) and the co-head admin is Ryan DeathSword (Promethean fire wizard).

Do you need help in Wizard101? With quests, towers/dungeons, etc.? Or if you just need help farming, we can also do that.

Then we can help.

Go to our help page, which is a forum, and include the following:

 1. Your wizards name, school and level.

2. Do you have open/limited/mute chat?

3. What times/days are you available to do it? If you are not able to quest during the week, then try to pick times in advance such as the weekend

4. What do you need help with? Just a tower or dungeon? One quest? Etc. (i.e.; farming for gear or for stuff to sell, doing certain quests or just need help with them, dungeons and towers.)  

*****  Also, if you have an old computer or a slow one and can't run the game in heavy populated realms, please let us know. We can work around that and try to work in the low populated realms. 

** We can NOT help you rank in the Arena for ranked PvP, but we can help you in practice PvP with strategies on how to do better.

Please give us at least one day to respond to your request, if you ask for help. Also, please make sure you are the right level if you want to do Waterworks (level 60+), Tower of Helephant (level 60+ with Wysteria completed) or we can't help you until you reach it.  The only thing we could do is help you level until then if you need it.

 Right now, it's just Danielle and Ryan DeathSword in the clan administration line for helping, but we are expanding and looking to get a small group of members for the help. If you are at least level 70 or above and are interested in helping other wizards, then please use the Forums and use the section that says "Apply for Midnight Wizards help team" and it will be looked at soon and it might be considered.


I know some people have asked about the clan and it's for any level, but if you want to do certain things you must be at least level 60 or 80, as specified earlier about towers.